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Will We Pierce Your Nose With a Ring?

Will We Pierce Your Nose With a Ring?
While having your nose pierced with a ring has always been popular, we have learned a lot in the last few decades! While we appreciate that in the ever-evolving world of fashion trends from the past often find their way back into the mainstream - we want you to know why we don’t think this one should. The revival of Y2K style (and the romanticization of a time we all thought our computers were going to blow-up), with its distinctive flair and bold choices has had more people than ever asking for rings as initial nostril jewellery. While we appreciate the aesthetic appeal, we prioritize our customers' well-being, aiming for a seamless and healthy healing experience. 



The Downside of Nostril Piercings with Initial Rings:


Nostril piercings with rings may give you that look you’re going for right away but they come with a host of potential issues. First and foremost, the choice of a ring for this type of piercing can lead to irritation problems. The constant movement and potential of getting it caught can make the healing process more challenging and many clients experience irritation bumps around their jewellery. 



Additionally, the healing time for nostril piercings with rings tends to be prolonged (for most people) compared to straight jewellery options. The constant friction and movement associated with ring piercings can hinder the body's natural healing process, extending the time it takes for the piercing to fully and comfortably settle.



Choosing a More Trusted Alternative:


At our studio, we prioritize our customers' well-being, and that includes offering jewellery options that promote the best chance at a smooth and trouble-free healing journey. We advocate for the use of straight jewellery (ie. a stud) rather than rings for nostril piercings. This choice significantly reduces the likelihood of irritation, allowing for a more comfortable healing process and avoiding undesirable bumps.



The Benefits of Straight Jewellery for Nostril Piercings:


1. **Reduced Irritation:** Unlike rings, studs have a more stable and secure placement, minimizing the chances of irritation caused by constant movement.



2. **Healing Times:** The stability of stud-style piercings facilitates a quicker and more efficient healing process, ensuring that customers can enjoy their new piercing without unnecessary delays.



3. **Comfortable and Stylish:** Studs come in various designs, allowing clients to express their  style without compromising on comfort. From subtle and elegant to bold and fierce, there's a design for every taste.


 A Happy, Healthy Nose:

Nostril piercings with rings may be a tempting choice, but the potential for irritation and extended healing times is something we strive to avoid for our clients. Another quick note, that rings used in initial piercings generally have to be much larger (to allow for swelling etc) than the cute little rings we all love to see. Rings can be worn in a fully heel piercing without issue. We recommend clients wait at least 6 to 9 months before changing the shape of their jewellery. A professional piercer can always check your piercing to see if it is healed enough to change to a ring - and even help you change the jewellery! So if your heart is set on a ring, don’t despair, just remember that patience is key!

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