Our Vision

Arcane is built on a foundation of sharing what we are passionate about with everyone, including those who feel their needs are often underrepresented or disregarded. Our Gastown location was designed from the ground up to be a beautiful and comfortable space - for everyone. As one of the only piercing studios owned and operated by a full-time wheelchair user, we feel it crucial to use our personal experiences to the benefit of all of our clients. We hope to start a trend within our industry (and in a wider sense) to consider accessibility a core value instead of an afterthought.


We have a barrier free entrance on the backside of the building just off Cordvoa Street (right beside Fable). Our studio also features hydraulic beds in each of our service rooms - that can be quickly and easily adjusted should you need the service bed lower or higher (ie. for wheelchair transfers, easy standing, etc). Our reception desk is a high/low design so even if seated you can easily communicate with us. We also have a fully accessible washroom available to clients.

While we do not currently have anyone who uses sign language we are experienced with clients who have different hearing needs. If you have questions before an appointment you can also email us and we can go through the process ahead of time or can discuss your needs to ensure your comfort level.

We do not have a scented studio but some products we use do have a smell. If this is something that affects you please reach out ahead of time and we will do our best to arrange your appointment accordingly.

If you would like to bring a support person to your appointment that is no problem at all. Service animals are also allowed in the studio but we ask they remain in the lobby whenever possible.


Being sensitive and aware of everyone’s different needs is always an ongoing and evolving process that we are actively trying to promote. If there is something you feel we have missed that would be beneficial to address in the studio or on this page, please reach out!