Our Team

Charles Finnie - Body Piercer

With over 20 years of piercing experience, Charles is one of Vancouver’s most experienced piercers. Whether you’re looking to get your first piercing or add to your collection of body jewellery, Charles Finnie is an excellent choice of piercer for you.

Charles’ Portfolio

Di Lewis - Body Piercer

Di has been piercing for nearly a decade and originally hails from Canada’s East Coast. She has been working around BC for the last few years and is relocating from Nanaimo on Vancouver island to join us at Arcane starting July 4, 2023!

Di’s Porfolio

Brianne Tweddle - Cosmetic Tattooer

Cosmetic tattooer extraordinaire, Brianne specializes in brows and freckles. She has been with the studio since 2015 and now works out of a private service room to ensure the most comfortable experience for you!

Brianne’s Portfolio

Michelle Livingston - Owner

Michelle opened the original studio in 2012 and it evolved into the Arcane it is today starting in 2017. A lifetime of loving body modification in all its forms (but especially as a vehicle for bodily autonomy) has allowed Arcane to blossom as a true labour of love.
Being owned/operated by a full-time wheelchair user means that it has always been a core value of the studio to be accessible and welcoming, to all people. And we strive to make the industry more accessible as a whole.
Canary, a certified PADS assistance dog, joined us in May 2023 as Michelle’s helping hand.