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Arcane Body Arts

Loopdie R Bars Earring, 14k Yellow Gold

Loopdie R Bars Earring, 14k Yellow Gold

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"A new look for the Loopdie R. Short bars of gold dancing below your earlobe."

-Sold as single earrings in solid 14k yellow gold.
-20ga wire
-26mm total length
-No earring back!


Solid 14k gold, nickel free


As jewellery is a personal item we cannot accept returns or exchanges so please ensure you know which size you need!

Care Instructions

Jewellery does require regular care and maintenance to ensure it always looks it’s best and isn’t lost.
We recommend cleaning and checking jewellery for tightness (for threaded or threadless ends) once a week.
BVLA jewellery can be sent for repair by taking it to any studio that is a BVLA dealer 🖤

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Please note there are more options (including basic styles) available in studio! If there is some particular you are looking for please send us a message or come by if you’re local to us!